IT Services

Information Technology Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure provides technology solutions to the Division that enable communication between offices, clientele and to the rest of the world.  These services include email, high-speed internet access, video conferencing, secure remote connectivity, and training.  Also, we provide help desk technical support for these services to enable the Division to use these resources effectively.

Web Development

The ANR Web Development Team is committed to giving you the best in modern web applications including content management, registration and payment, communication tools, custom calculators and administrative applications.

IT News
  • New Designs for your SiteBuilder Site

    Mar 18, 2019

    If you have interacted with the UC ANR homepage recently, you'll have noticed it has undergone a major renovation. Designed to address the evolving needs of UC ANR today and in the future, our new initiative provides the ANR team with the tools to communicate with our audiences in efficient and compelling ways.

    The UC ANR homepage is just the start, though. We are working to make the new designs and functionality available to the entire ANR community. It is a complicated process, to ensure that our old sites can make the transition successfully without any interruptions or errors. We do have, however, a few sites that have already made the change and are publicly available to check out.

    Project Board Help

    Site Builder 3.0 Help

    Information Technology

    Amador County Farm Day


    If you are eager for your UC ANR site to adopt the new look, make sure to register on SiteBuilder. Or contact us directly at We are eager to work with you!

    To register your site for adoption of the new designs:

    1. Log in through the Portal
    2. Click 'Edit' next to the site you're interested in upgrading
    3. Click 'Sign Me Up' under the message about 'New Site Builder Designs Early Adoption'

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  • How to Set Up OneDrive

    Feb 20, 2019

    We've had some requests for more information on how UC ANR users can set up OneDrive. Please follow these directions, or contact for support.


    Open OneDrive from the Start menu

    -          For Windows PC, you may need to click on the icon in the Notification Area (next to the date/time at the bottom-right of your screen)

    -          For Mac's, click on Go > Applications > then double-click the One Drive application


    Enter your UC Davis email address and click Sign In… You'll be redirected to the UC Davis ADFS page to login.




    Confirm your UC Davis email address and enter your Kerberos Passphrase

    -          Note:  If enrolled in Duo, you will then be prompted to approve the login.


    Click through the dialogue boxes to select which folders you'd like to sync and where the OneDrive folder will be located on your computer…


    Your OneDrive directory will then appear on the left of your File Explorer window.

    -          Note:  Windows may display two OneDrive folders.  Use OneDrive – UC Davis



    OneDrive syncs to in the cloud.  Sign in to your Office365 account ( and click the apps grid and the select OneDrive.



    From the OneDrive page you will see your synced files.

    By David J Hatter
    Author - Information Systems Analyst 2
  • New SiteBuilder Designs are Coming!

    Feb 13, 2019

    Last week, we launched the newly re-designed UCANR.EDU and we hope that the entire ANR community has had a chance to explore the new site. Everybody on the Web team was so excited to release it into the wild and it has been very rewarding to get such positive feedback on the new look and improved functionality. If you would also like to share your reaction, please do so!

    For those of you eager to get in on the fun yourself, we are almost ready to enable ANR SiteBuilder sites to adopt the new designs. Because the hundreds of ANR sites are so diverse in their look and purpose, we are starting slow, in a phased rol-lout. But those of you who would like to be among the first to transition are encouraged to sign up.

    We will work closely with early adopters to make sure their sites can take advantage fully of all the new tools now available.

    By Bruce Lidl
    Author - IT Communications Specialist
  • New UC ANR home page is live

    Feb 8, 2019

    curtains being drawn back

    A new era for UC ANR online

    If you have visited the UC ANR homepage this week, you surely noticed it has an entirely new, freshly updated look. We are very excited for the public at large to interact with the new site and to deepen their engagement with ANR and what we have to offer.

    A lot of thought and conversation went into developing the new UCANR.EDU, but we are still implementing the first phase of the transition. There will be some tweaking and troubleshooting in the next few days and weeks. If you notice anything that needs addressing, please contact us directly at

    We will begin adding sites to the new design over the coming weeks in a phased rollout. If you want to join the initial transition groups, please let us know. Each of the hundreds of UC ANR sites are unique and have their own specific requirements, so not every site will be ready to adopt the new style at the same time.

    We very much appreciate the suggestions and feedback we have received in recent months. IT looks forward to working with you all to make our web presence a powerful tool to communicate the profound impact ANR has for the people of California. We will be offering a number of tools and resources to assist you in rejuvenating your own sites and will be available for one-on-on support if you encounter any difficulties.

    Welcome to the new UCANR.EDU!

    By Bruce Lidl
    Author - IT Communications Specialist
  • Project Board v2.11.0 is now live

    Jan 25, 2019

    Hello everyone.  There have been a lot of changes to Project Board (and Program Review) lately.  I decided it was time to start posting updates in blog form.

    Changes present in the latest release of Project Board:

    Issue IDIssue Description
    PB-28 Clientele Groups: Added “Compliance Notes” feature, allowing academics to provide more information to the Affirmative Action Analyst (David White) about their compliance and/or A.R.E.

    Review/Compile and Dossier Export: It is now possible to restrict the activities present in the dossier export by Federal Fiscal Year (these options will change as the years pass):

    • Through 2017-2018 (default)
    • 2017-2018 only
    • 2018-2019 only
    • All Years
    PB-709 Campus-based academic themes: Replaced publication counts with text inputs meant to hold the actual peer-reviewed citations: B: Peer-reviewed scholarly journal publications, C: Other peer-reviewed publications. These are text-editor inputs, similar to the ones employed for Theme Background/Outcomes.
    PB-717 Fixed: UC Delivers link for Campus-M&P users is not showing when it should
    PB-730 Fixed formatting of HTML content in the Dossier Export for some users (ie. Marissa Neelon)
    PB-732 Increased width of 'New Activity' pop-up, making the longest help text more legible.
    PB-733 To cut down on confusion (and accidental switches of activity type) when creating a new activity, we now constrain the "Type" dropdown menu to the types related to the user's initial type selection (but only for Prof. Comp. and Uni/Pub service only)
    PB-736 Fixed Help text for Activity Type: Individual Clientele Contacts. It now reads: "Does NOT populate Extension Activity tables in dossier export; instead, summarize in your Program Summary Narrative."

    More updates to come!

    By Jonathan Ash Wilson
    Author - Applications Architect